Cabo San Luc...At Us - Celebrating 9 Years!

Michael and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary together on April 4, 2016! He surprised me at Christmas with plane tickets for a week long trip to Los Cabos! We’ve taken a big trip together just the two of us before but this was different. This was a week to celebrate us and everything we’ve accomplished together and separately over the past year and…nine years. I’m so proud to be by his side every day and to be a part of his life and journey. He is my best friend, knows me inside out, as I do him, which is crazy because he is such an incredibly private person otherwise, but with me, he’s himself completely and I love him as he is and he loves me as I am (mouthy and all). 


I say 9 years with surprise because it doesn’t feel like 9 years…sure we have our moments but honestly, every new year has felt like just that…new. We’ve grown separately as well as together, every year has brought something different than the last and exciting to our relationship. Just last year we went skydiving together and hot air ballooning…new things we shared together! This year we took Mexico on solo! We’d been twice before with our parents but this time it was our turn! It was such a great week. Neither of us thought about work or anything…besides snapchat in the free wifi zone. Of course. We went snorkeling, saw the beautiful ‘Lands End’ and the arch, we went zip lining - my first time, his second. And we went sunset sailing! We had never been before and let me tell you…it feels like the dang boat is going to flip over it tilts so far! I had had a little champagne and I was still terrified. Michael loved it, naturally. We ate dinner in the sand every night and woke up with the sun every morning. I’m so thankful he did this for us and I’m so proud his love of music has become his career and he’s able to do such a thing. 

Here are a few pics from our anniversary trip! Enjoy! xo

#EXCLUSIVE: Entertainment Tonight Has a New Producer!

In my Vlog a few weeks back…I mentioned that January would be a month of change for me and it definitely was. It has been a dream of mine since I was a little kid to be in the wonderful world of entertainment news in some way, shape or form. Growing up, I fixated on shows like Entertainment Tonight, E! News, ABC Red Carpet, Access Hollywood…really anything with a red carpet interview caught my eye. I would watch the anchors on screen and think, “Wow…If only I had the courage to be a woman like that. I could never interview that celebrity…How scary!”

Some how, along the road of life, I ended up where I always dreamed of being. Though at first it wasn’t the exact place I had seen in my glamorous dreams, I knew it was an "in" and also a way to really dig my hands in and learn the world of entertainment. Thank you Dax for giving me that opportunity.

As time went on at my first gig, I felt the need for a change, a change to something a little more me. So I started searching and with the help of a friend and quite a few interviews later, I finally got the interview I’d been waiting almost four months (and basically all of my adult life/childhood) for. The interview was at Entertainment Tonight. 

Entertainment Tonight! The entertainment news show and website of all entertainment news shows/sites! I couldn't believe it and kept asking myself "what is life?!”. The interview went awesome and I got a call about two weeks later with an offer (Eeeek!). They offered me a position as a Freelance Producer for ETonline (the online version of Entertainment Tonight). Ahhh *INITIATE FREAKOUT HERE*. So last week was my first week and I am going on my second week there — I am on cloud 9! It is uncharted territory, I’m not completely familiar with, but fear stems from the unknown and I plan to know everything I can about this position. Thank you to everyone who helped me get to this dream job. I just wanted to let all of you know as I have been dying to yell it from the roof top for the last couple of weeks!  

I’ll keep you posted on updates as to what I’m doing once I’ve gotten into the groove. Though I'm starting this new adventure, I'll still be keeping up with my YouTube Channel as well as this blog -- I'm going to do it all because it's what I love to do. 

Always, always, always, follow your dreams! 

My Saving Grace, The Saint Grace Hoodie

When I started my blog and writing about fashion/makeup/life my goal was to be able to share things I am really loving with people. This Saint Grace hoodie I just got is the epitome of why I started this…and is the very reason I am writing to you now. I am in love. This bad girl is EVERYTHING. I got it the first week of January and seriously…I may have gone two days this month NOT wearing it (and yes, I’ve washed it!). My sister and my mom wanted one as soon as they saw me wear it home and a few friends and strangers have asked about it too!

Perfect for a cold rainy day and long like a coat, but not too long, the hoodie easily pops up over your head for full coverage from a light rain! Obviously if it’s pouring you’ll def need an umbrella ‘cause though it has a hood, it is not waterproof! 

It’s easily dressed up or dressed down - I’m wearing it right now in my PJ pants typing this and earlier today I had it styled and semi-glammed up for this shoot! I paired it with my new favorite tank from Brandy Melville and my ride-or-die J.Crew Pixie pants and some new booties! 

Also a side note - some sites call it the ‘Leah Cardigan’ but don’t worry - it’s still the Fleece Hoodie! The Leah Cardigan on the actual Saint Grace website though is a different cut altogether, with no hoodie (you can tell by the bunching at the neck whether it’s the hoodie or not). In my opinion…you want the hoodie! 

2015: A Year of Facing Fears, Goodbyes, and New Beginnings

2015 was eventful to say the least. I faced many fears, i.e.: jumping out of a plane, moved in with my boyfriend of 8 years and said goodbye to someone I loved with all of my soul and also said goodbye to my first job in the entertainment business. 

I started the year off with one of, if not THE, biggest heartbreaks of my entire life. Some people don’t understand us animal lovers…and how close we are to our pets. They’re a different breed, and that’s ok, they probably think the same of us and to each their own, I say! To us pet lovers, and owners of loyal companions, our companions are family to the very core. That was Hope, to me. My sister. I had two sisters…one just had four legs. January 2, 2015 will forever be engrained in our memories. Hope was 16 and the most compassionate, smart, well natured dog you’d have ever met. She never licked, barely drooled and rarely barked. She was a lady, regal and beautiful in every way. (I’m not biased at all haha)

The first few months after she was gone there was a hole in my heart. I cried myself to sleep for a good 2 months or so…ask Michael, poor guy was there for some of it. I tried to hide the sadness but I would just burst into tears with no notice and that was how I coped.

Come February, Michael moved in and really helped me start to heal. That, now that I look back, was such a blessing. I was so depressed and he came in and changed everything for the better…as he often does. Also, that was the start of one of the many new beginnings I would have throughout 2015. A few months later I decided to launch my own website and start blogging (which I’ll be doing more of this year). Then before my 26th birthday, I faced a few of my biggest fears: chopping all of my hair off (I’d had it long for a good 10 years!), SKYDIVING and then in that same month sunrise hot air ballooning

Summer was full of excitement and one thing I’m most proud of - going to Comic Con 2015! I’m so thankful and grateful TooFab (and Brian & Brian) chose me for the task! What an unforgettable/crazy experience!  

At the beginning of fall came another goodbye. I made the tough decision to follow my heart and leave my first job in the entertainment industry. That job taught me everything I needed to know to continue on my journey and I owe it all to Dax, Trav, and of course, HL. 

Then a new beginning…my YouTube channel. I had started it right after college but once I landed my first job, I was so invested in the entertainment news world I really had no extra attention to give my channel what it needed to succeed. Now I’m back at it and loving it! I’m brainstorming new ideas for 2016 and getting re-inspired! I’m excited to see it continue to grow. 

Speaking of grow…as the year drew to a close, along came the boy that made my heart whole again. The boy I’ll get to watch grow and become a man some day, little Luke. My nephew, my pride and joy! With every goodbye, there is a new hello. Shortly after Hope’s passing, we learned my sister was pregnant! Another new beginning and new adventure! I’m so very blessed and thankful for my family and friends and for everything 2015 brought, good and sad. I’m looking forward to 2016 and what it has to offer! I have a feeling it’s going to be one for the books! 

Happy New Year! 


Winter 'Street Style'

I’ve been wanting a bomber jacket for a while now and this one was sent to me and I’m so in love! If you know me…or have followed me for a bit, you probably would know that my style is more Lauren Conrad-ish but my inner style spirit animal is more a mix of Rihanna meets Gwen Stefani meets Nicole Richie. This bomber screams all three to me! I wish I had the courage, and the money to dress like the three of them but I’ll do what I can until then…starting with this jacket! Don’t get me wrong, I know Rih Rih and Gwen can dress up and be glam AF (which I also love) but I love their street-style best. This is my version of ‘street style’ that I paired with Chucks, my favorite fringe cross-body bag and my favorite Vigoss skinnies. 

Sam Edelman Flannel & Siwy Denim

Last weekend I went to La Quinta with my boyfriend’s family for his fathers birthday. It’s high season there, so it’s about 80 and gorgeous during the day but at night it’s super chilly, so packing was a bit tough. For some…fall fashion usually consists of big chunky scarves, thick comfy flannels and a pair of booties. Let’s be real…if you’re wearing those things during a California fall day, you’re probably going to be looked at a little funny. Although, the days are starting to get cooler…it’s still warm enough for an iced coffee. 

My favorite new light-weight plaid long sleeve shirt and shorts from Siwy Denim did the trick. A few weeks back I received these denim shorts as part of a goody bag from a party I attended. Uhm, obsessed! These are the perfect cut-offs and they’re comfortable too. If you’re not into the high-waisted fashion that’s taken the Coachella-loving world by storm, you’ll love these regular cut-offs. The only problem with them are the pockets. I like simple styles and logos and this embroidery on the bum takes over both cheeks. Also…after looking them up…they’re like $150! Kind of steep but they would definitely be worth it! 

I paired the shorts with my chucks and a flowy Sam Edelman plaid top (or flannel, if you prefer to call it). This is definitely the cutest flannel I’ve seen in a while and they sell them in all different colors and styles. After looking online, I even found one with lace on the back! So... it isn’t the ‘real deal’ flannel your neighborhood lumber jack might have, but it’s light-weight, flowy and comfortable. My favorite part is the back - it’s tailored and has a slit that makes it look extra feminine. The zippers on the sleeve are definitely different than what I’m used to but in a good way. You can unzip them and make the top look sexy! You might be asking yourself, “A sexy plaid top exists?” Why yes, yes it does! And I wore it for some exploring in the desert one of the days we were there! 

All in all it’s perfect for our ’California fall’ and is easily dressed up or dressed down, like I’ve done. I paired it with my Street Level Hello/Goodbye Clutch which didn't quite match, but I've been wearing it NON-STOP because it's just too cute not too! Right?? I'm also wearing a watch I got as a gift from my old boss, Mr. Dax Holt and his wife, Denise! 

One Month

Missing the people I worked with has been the hardest part of this new journey. They become your best friends, the people you rely on and who rely on you, every single day. You come to love those people and cherish them and when they're not in your every day life anymore you begin to feel disconnected. Also, being surrounded by 100+ people a day to now being alone or with only one other person, every day, is a bit of an adjustment.

Day 1 after leaving was one of the hardest. First of all, I woke up hung over from our happy hour good-bye the night before and then I just felt sick to my did I do? Am I making the biggest mistake of my life by letting my steady job go to fly the coup and see what's next for me? What is next for me? What AM I DOING?!

Lots of these thoughts went through my head the first couple of days. Poor Michael wasn't very patient with me after day 2 of my post-work freak out. Then once I sat down and filmed my first video... I finally felt free. I finally felt like I was doing things that I loved and had wanted to see created for a while now. It's fun to check things off of my to-do list and see the fruits of my labor come to fruition. Uploading a video and/or finalizing and then posting a blog is the most rewarding feeling because that was all you. You motivated yourself to stick with it and finish the project and now there it is out there for the world to see! 

There are growing pains though, like with any new venture. I learn more about myself and the direction I'm going, every day. I have faith that everything happens for a reason and I really don't believe in coincidences. I'm doing this for a reason and I feel I am on the path God wants me to be on right now. Also, it was perfect timing because I was able to be with and help my sister during the final few weeks of her pregnancy and be there at the hospital when my new nephew came into the world. There would have been no way I could have picked up and gone before, so I'm very thankful for this time with my family.

I just want to say thank you to my family and friends & new followers/subscriber friends. I really appreciate you joining my new adventure and being just as excited as I am to see where it goes!



Rose Lip + Fall Eye Makeup Tutorial

I hope you enjoy my fall eye and lip makeup tutorial! If you recreate it, tag me in it! I've listed the products used below!

All MAC Eyeshadows -
Naked Lunch
Maybelline Gel Liner - Blackest Black
L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara - Carbon Black
MONDA lashes - D-Whispy Black

Makeup Forever Bronzer - #20
Nars Blush - Orgasm
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish - Soft & Gentle

Mavalia lip pencil - Bois De Rose

#WCW Wine Crush Wednesday episodes are posted every Wednesday - don't forget to watch!


I grew up absolutely loving sterling jewelry but as I got older something happened, I'm not quite sure what... Either way, my tastes changed and I fell in love with gold.  I remember always telling my mom, "Eww gold", whenever we would pick out jewelry of some sort and she would ask me my preference. I always felt like gold was such an "old lady" color/metal. Now...I'm one of those "old ladies" I said I'd "never be". However, after stumbling upon Coachellove's Instagram recently, I may have just changed sides again. Coachellove is pronounced "Co-Chell-Love" like Coachella the festival, but with LOVE attached! I just think that's so cute!  The Silver Bar Necklace and Triangle Earrings were my absolute favorite from their collection, so I had to have them.

These silver, handmade, pieces have really made me fall in love with silver all over again. They're delicate but sturdy, so I know they'll withstand the test of time and wear.

Another reason why I love Coachellove  is that they have a LIFETIME WARRANTY which is VERY hard to find with any other jewelry companies. That's really something that drew me to their brand. Lord knows I'm tough on my equipment, so the fact that they're sterling silver makes them even better.

I love dainty jewelry, I have now the past 4 years, but I am known to rock a chunky necklace from time to time. Dainty jewelry is where it's at and Coachellove gets that. Their simple, modern pieces can be easily dressed up or dressed down. Today, I'm wearing them with my big chunky Free People sweater from Nordstrom Rack and a pair of Vigoss skinnies. 

Soon, Coachellove will be coming out with a Gold Collection, and I obviously can't wait for that! They teased a few of the new pieces on their Instagram and I'm straight drooling over them! 

Wearing: Coachellove Triangle Earrings | Coachellove Silver Bar Necklace | Free People Chunky Sweater (similar HERE)

I have a makeup tutorial on this look going up on my channel - don't forget to subscribe to stay tuned!

A Cape for Fall

It's finally cooled down again! I'm in my cozy fall clothing and I couldn't be happier!

I keep hearing how bad El Nino is going to hit but I can't help but hope for something other than the 90+ degree weather we've had the past few weeks! The sprinkling here and there has only been a teaser and given me hope for cozier days ahead! 

On this particular day it was in the 60s so Michael and I decided to finally get one of our favorite foods, Pho! We went to the beach and watched the sunset, which chilled us up for the yummy soup we were about to devour. 

Boots on the beach are never a good idea but this chilly weather was too fun not to break the rules for. I wore my comfy color block cape which feels like I'm seriously wrapped in a blanket and a tank underneath and I stayed warm enough. Now if you're in colder weather, I'd definitely suggest a nice long sleeve top to pair with the cape and if you're looking to dress it up, try adding a chunky necklace to the mix.  

This is by far my favorite fall outfit so far...! Bring it on fall! We're ready for you! 

Wearing: Color Block Cape | Women’s Layering Tank | Brass Plum Moto Leggings (similar HERE) | Diamond Weave Satchel / Clutch | Black Booties | Amarilo Gold Bar Necklace Nails: Essie Eternal Optimist 

Makeup: RCMA Cream Foundation | Laura Mercier Translucent Powder | #66 Monda Lashes | Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Taupe | Mavalia Lip Pencil in Brun Tendre

Rainy October

We are only in the first week of October and it’s already feeling more like fall! The day we shot these photos it had been cloudy and sprinkling on and off all day -- my FAVORITE kind of weather. Unfortunately this weekend it's already going to be back up in the 90s, so I had to take advantage of the weather and put something comfy & cozy on. 

This cascading cardigan by Olive + Oak was perfect for the day. It’s very light-weight but kept me warm enough in the beachy breeze and sprinkle. I love the details of this sweater as well. It’s silky material and drawstrings on the front make it a good blend of classy and comfy. 

Before we shot this look I filmed my very first makeup tutorial in 2 years! If you like this fall-inspired makeup look please go check it out on my YouTube channel lHERE

Goodbye TMZ

Yesterday was my last day at TMZ.

Wow...It is seriously so weird saying that. This is the weirdest/saddest post I'll hopefully have to write for a long while.

A few months back I made the decision that I was not going to renew my contract at TMZ once it was up in October. After 3 1/2 years I felt it was my time to say goodbye. It has been such a mourning process realizing that the past few months were leading up to this moment. I've been happy, sad, scared, angry, excited, nervous, many emotions, it's hard to explain. This was my very first position after college so it is definitely bitter sweet saying goodbye. It is all I have ever known.

I was always so afraid of Los Angeles and all of the amazing things it had to offer me because really... it held all of my wildest dreams. It held everything that could some day become a reality if I worked hard enough for it. I ran from it for so long, but eventually, in God's time, it came knocking at my door. 

One day, about two months after college ended, I had accepted a job opportunity for an account executive position at Yelp in Scottsdale. Little did I know that that was not my path...I was never meant for Arizona and Hollywood came knocking at my door. I was about a week away from getting ready to pack my things up and head out to AZ when I got the call from Dax. I had been an intern for him the summer before my final few months of college and he was calling me to offer me a job on TMZ's new project, TMZ Live. It was a trial run with FOX, he told me, and he didn't know how long it would run for. He said it could run a few weeks, months or even years but if I wanted the job, it was mine, and could I come in the next day to start? I remember sitting on my bed crying and through the tears saying, "Yes, of course! I will be there on Thursday!" (this was a Tuesday and I had to give PF Changs, where I was hosting at the time, a days notice that I was heading to HOLLYWOOD! Nevermind Yelp, they never heard from me again). I drove up to work that Thursday afternoon and never looked back. 

I am so thankful to have worked in one of the toughest, hardest working, entertainment news rooms in the world and I owe it all to Harvey and Dax. They believed in me and trusted me and pushed me to be the best that I could be and I grew and learned more in my 3 1/2 years there than I have the other 23 1/2 years of my life thus far.

Harvey Levin is one of the most fascinating and hard working human beings I have ever met and he has taught me things that one can only learn from the best of the best. I feel honored to have had his trust and support over the past few years I spent there. Reporting to him daily and having him let me lead a story until it was up on the website, is and was, one of the most rewarding feelings. I'm so thankful to have been able to call him my boss and friend. 

Dax Holt, my mentor, my boss, the big brother I never had. He taught me everything I know about this industry and opened up his world to me. He lead me to my career and opened my eyes to a whole new side of life I didn't know existed or that was attainable. Dax taught me how to keep my head up, be confident, be fearless but always keep calm, cool and collected. He also taught me the most important thing of all: to believe in myself.  Somehow he taught me all of this, without actually telling me, because he exudes all of those qualities and doesn't even realize it.  

All of what I learned during my time at TMZ was and is life changing. I will never be the same and I will never work the same again. I will always push harder and work harder and for that, I am forever grateful.

Going forward I have a few things in the works I'm very excited to share... but not just yet! One of them though you already know blog! I'll be keeping up with this and writing more posts about my life, fashion, make up, entertainment news, and maybe some DIY projects as well as keeping up with you all! Thank you for being a part of this journey with me. It is just the beginning!


California 'Fall'

It STILL feels like summer in California... and it's almost the END OF SEPTEMBER! What is this?! Welp...that would be California's 'Fall' for ya and I don't think that it will be changing any time soon. So for this in-between transition of hot-as-hell, I don't know what to wear weather, and a cool 72 (once the sun goes down)...I've put together a bit of everything for a casual day out.

 I really have been struggling with the cool mornings and hot hot days so I felt this is a good mixture for the two and the color scheme is on trend with this olive jacket. 

Of course, you know I've got a break down for you on some of the makeup I use regularly! As Jaclyn Hill would say, "HIGHLIGHT ON FLEEK!". Shop the items below: