Sam Edelman Flannel & Siwy Denim

Last weekend I went to La Quinta with my boyfriend’s family for his fathers birthday. It’s high season there, so it’s about 80 and gorgeous during the day but at night it’s super chilly, so packing was a bit tough. For some…fall fashion usually consists of big chunky scarves, thick comfy flannels and a pair of booties. Let’s be real…if you’re wearing those things during a California fall day, you’re probably going to be looked at a little funny. Although, the days are starting to get cooler…it’s still warm enough for an iced coffee. 

My favorite new light-weight plaid long sleeve shirt and shorts from Siwy Denim did the trick. A few weeks back I received these denim shorts as part of a goody bag from a party I attended. Uhm, obsessed! These are the perfect cut-offs and they’re comfortable too. If you’re not into the high-waisted fashion that’s taken the Coachella-loving world by storm, you’ll love these regular cut-offs. The only problem with them are the pockets. I like simple styles and logos and this embroidery on the bum takes over both cheeks. Also…after looking them up…they’re like $150! Kind of steep but they would definitely be worth it! 

I paired the shorts with my chucks and a flowy Sam Edelman plaid top (or flannel, if you prefer to call it). This is definitely the cutest flannel I’ve seen in a while and they sell them in all different colors and styles. After looking online, I even found one with lace on the back! So... it isn’t the ‘real deal’ flannel your neighborhood lumber jack might have, but it’s light-weight, flowy and comfortable. My favorite part is the back - it’s tailored and has a slit that makes it look extra feminine. The zippers on the sleeve are definitely different than what I’m used to but in a good way. You can unzip them and make the top look sexy! You might be asking yourself, “A sexy plaid top exists?” Why yes, yes it does! And I wore it for some exploring in the desert one of the days we were there! 

All in all it’s perfect for our ’California fall’ and is easily dressed up or dressed down, like I’ve done. I paired it with my Street Level Hello/Goodbye Clutch which didn't quite match, but I've been wearing it NON-STOP because it's just too cute not too! Right?? I'm also wearing a watch I got as a gift from my old boss, Mr. Dax Holt and his wife, Denise!