Rainy October

We are only in the first week of October and it’s already feeling more like fall! The day we shot these photos it had been cloudy and sprinkling on and off all day -- my FAVORITE kind of weather. Unfortunately this weekend it's already going to be back up in the 90s, so I had to take advantage of the weather and put something comfy & cozy on. 

This cascading cardigan by Olive + Oak was perfect for the day. It’s very light-weight but kept me warm enough in the beachy breeze and sprinkle. I love the details of this sweater as well. It’s silky material and drawstrings on the front make it a good blend of classy and comfy. 

Before we shot this look I filmed my very first makeup tutorial in 2 years! If you like this fall-inspired makeup look please go check it out on my YouTube channel lHERE