2015: A Year of Facing Fears, Goodbyes, and New Beginnings

2015 was eventful to say the least. I faced many fears, i.e.: jumping out of a plane, moved in with my boyfriend of 8 years and said goodbye to someone I loved with all of my soul and also said goodbye to my first job in the entertainment business. 

I started the year off with one of, if not THE, biggest heartbreaks of my entire life. Some people don’t understand us animal lovers…and how close we are to our pets. They’re a different breed, and that’s ok, they probably think the same of us and to each their own, I say! To us pet lovers, and owners of loyal companions, our companions are family to the very core. That was Hope, to me. My sister. I had two sisters…one just had four legs. January 2, 2015 will forever be engrained in our memories. Hope was 16 and the most compassionate, smart, well natured dog you’d have ever met. She never licked, barely drooled and rarely barked. She was a lady, regal and beautiful in every way. (I’m not biased at all haha)

The first few months after she was gone there was a hole in my heart. I cried myself to sleep for a good 2 months or so…ask Michael, poor guy was there for some of it. I tried to hide the sadness but I would just burst into tears with no notice and that was how I coped.

Come February, Michael moved in and really helped me start to heal. That, now that I look back, was such a blessing. I was so depressed and he came in and changed everything for the better…as he often does. Also, that was the start of one of the many new beginnings I would have throughout 2015. A few months later I decided to launch my own website and start blogging (which I’ll be doing more of this year). Then before my 26th birthday, I faced a few of my biggest fears: chopping all of my hair off (I’d had it long for a good 10 years!), SKYDIVING and then in that same month sunrise hot air ballooning

Summer was full of excitement and one thing I’m most proud of - going to Comic Con 2015! I’m so thankful and grateful TooFab (and Brian & Brian) chose me for the task! What an unforgettable/crazy experience!  

At the beginning of fall came another goodbye. I made the tough decision to follow my heart and leave my first job in the entertainment industry. That job taught me everything I needed to know to continue on my journey and I owe it all to Dax, Trav, and of course, HL. 

Then a new beginning…my YouTube channel. I had started it right after college but once I landed my first job, I was so invested in the entertainment news world I really had no extra attention to give my channel what it needed to succeed. Now I’m back at it and loving it! I’m brainstorming new ideas for 2016 and getting re-inspired! I’m excited to see it continue to grow. 

Speaking of grow…as the year drew to a close, along came the boy that made my heart whole again. The boy I’ll get to watch grow and become a man some day, little Luke. My nephew, my pride and joy! With every goodbye, there is a new hello. Shortly after Hope’s passing, we learned my sister was pregnant! Another new beginning and new adventure! I’m so very blessed and thankful for my family and friends and for everything 2015 brought, good and sad. I’m looking forward to 2016 and what it has to offer! I have a feeling it’s going to be one for the books! 

Happy New Year!