JACLYN HILL Favorites Palette Has ARRIVED, people!

So my love of makeup and anything related has been going on for some time now. It all started in 2012 when I became addicted to YouTube makeup tutorials. I’ve watched a bunch of these “makeup gurus” on YouTube and none of them really measure up to my girl, Jaclyn Hill. I say this like I know her because giiirl makes you feel like you know her. Anyway…when I heard she was coming out with a “favorites palette” from Morphe Brushes, I HAD to have it. I needed it. I could not miss this moment. And THEN someone hacked Morphe’s site for her first launch of the product. So long story short, I missed out on the first go at the delicious new palette. Second time around though… I was prepared and nabbed up 2 palettes! The day they arrived felt like Christmas morning.


Here are swatches from my palette:

*Click each photo to see the name

These photos I took definitely do not do the product justice but... Hello, I LOVE YOU. My new GO-TO palette for everything and anything! For the price of this palette and the amazing product and pigment you get…you could not ask for better! The pigment pay-off is TO DIE FOR. Makeup geeking-out here...! 

ES20 and ES76 are my two favorite colors right now. I love champagne colors and shimmery browns so these two fit beautifully together. They’re perfect for summer. ES20 almost looks like a bit deeper of a MAC’s Satin Taupe. I can't wait to explore what I can do with all of these gorgeous colors, especially the brightest shades!

My only complaint on these bad girls is that they do tend to get a bit dusty and there can be some major fall-out onto your face but if you tap your brush before applying you’ll be set!

Get the Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette HERE!