San Diego Comic Con 2015

Comic Con 2015, where do I begin?? It was one of the craziest experiences of my work life thus far! Just in terms of the amount of people and how much was going on in a span of 3 days was crazy, lots of work and so fun!

Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! press line with Brian! 

What started out as a Comic Book convention back in the 70's has turned into a full-blown Coachella-style Comic / Sci Fi Movie / TV convention all wrapped in to one! 

This year I was asked by toofab to be a part of their team and was able to interview celebs from different shows/movie (Orphan Black, Sleepy Hollow, American Horror StorySharknado 3: Oh Hell No!, Boy Meets World) and a big YouTuber as well! I've been a huge fan of YouTube for the passed 4 + years, so meeting iJustine (a PIONEER in the YouTube community) and Joey Graceffa (2-time Amazing Race contestant) was damn cool! 

We were there for work, of course, but I got to walk the convention center and look around at all of the amazing old comic books and the people all dressed in their home-made amazing costumes (and I interviewed them - watch here!) AND got to see the Batman and Wonder Woman costumes from the new Batman v Superman movie! THAT was the coolest part to me...because I was dressed up as Wonder Woman and got to see the brand new costume from the movie right there in front of me! Everything there was a bit foreign so I stuck to the more mainstream things that I recognized. There was SO much to look at and I was definitely in awe and probably walking around wide-eyed with my mouth open. 

One of my favorite parts of the weekend was getting to meet most of the cast and writers/exec producers of Orphan Black and chatting with them during a press mingle at the House of Blues. I know these people are actors but I really felt comfortable with them. They were so sweet and down to earth and fun in such an awkward kind of setting. Obviously we're press asking them all sorts of questions but they were so gracious and talked and talked! I got to meet Dylan Bruce and we took a selfie together! Whew! He was a smoke show! 

Another highlight of the trip was the Crave Escape party hosted by Taryn Manning. It was held on an aircraft carrier-turned-museum, the USS Midway, in the San Diego marina and we were surrounded by planes and helicopters and got to listen to bands like Cold War Kids and Bad Suns! But first, we worked! We got to interview Taryn Manning from OITNB before the party started and that was awesome. She is so tiny and so down to earth and honest. You can see that interview here and a handful of my other interviews here:

All in all San Diego Comic Con 2015 was like one big work-related Halloween, crazy, sweaty, tons of people and sometimes a bit scary! Thank you toofab for letting me join you this year in all the madness! Make sure to check out toofab's YouTube channel -- new Comic Con interviews are going up every day!

*I don't usually talk about work on here but Comic Con cannot be looked over! I'll post another blog with all of the interviews once they come out!*