One Month

Missing the people I worked with has been the hardest part of this new journey. They become your best friends, the people you rely on and who rely on you, every single day. You come to love those people and cherish them and when they're not in your every day life anymore you begin to feel disconnected. Also, being surrounded by 100+ people a day to now being alone or with only one other person, every day, is a bit of an adjustment.

Day 1 after leaving was one of the hardest. First of all, I woke up hung over from our happy hour good-bye the night before and then I just felt sick to my did I do? Am I making the biggest mistake of my life by letting my steady job go to fly the coup and see what's next for me? What is next for me? What AM I DOING?!

Lots of these thoughts went through my head the first couple of days. Poor Michael wasn't very patient with me after day 2 of my post-work freak out. Then once I sat down and filmed my first video... I finally felt free. I finally felt like I was doing things that I loved and had wanted to see created for a while now. It's fun to check things off of my to-do list and see the fruits of my labor come to fruition. Uploading a video and/or finalizing and then posting a blog is the most rewarding feeling because that was all you. You motivated yourself to stick with it and finish the project and now there it is out there for the world to see! 

There are growing pains though, like with any new venture. I learn more about myself and the direction I'm going, every day. I have faith that everything happens for a reason and I really don't believe in coincidences. I'm doing this for a reason and I feel I am on the path God wants me to be on right now. Also, it was perfect timing because I was able to be with and help my sister during the final few weeks of her pregnancy and be there at the hospital when my new nephew came into the world. There would have been no way I could have picked up and gone before, so I'm very thankful for this time with my family.

I just want to say thank you to my family and friends & new followers/subscriber friends. I really appreciate you joining my new adventure and being just as excited as I am to see where it goes!