I grew up absolutely loving sterling jewelry but as I got older something happened, I'm not quite sure what... Either way, my tastes changed and I fell in love with gold.  I remember always telling my mom, "Eww gold", whenever we would pick out jewelry of some sort and she would ask me my preference. I always felt like gold was such an "old lady" color/metal. Now...I'm one of those "old ladies" I said I'd "never be". However, after stumbling upon Coachellove's Instagram recently, I may have just changed sides again. Coachellove is pronounced "Co-Chell-Love" like Coachella the festival, but with LOVE attached! I just think that's so cute!  The Silver Bar Necklace and Triangle Earrings were my absolute favorite from their collection, so I had to have them.

These silver, handmade, pieces have really made me fall in love with silver all over again. They're delicate but sturdy, so I know they'll withstand the test of time and wear.

Another reason why I love Coachellove  is that they have a LIFETIME WARRANTY which is VERY hard to find with any other jewelry companies. That's really something that drew me to their brand. Lord knows I'm tough on my equipment, so the fact that they're sterling silver makes them even better.

I love dainty jewelry, I have now the past 4 years, but I am known to rock a chunky necklace from time to time. Dainty jewelry is where it's at and Coachellove gets that. Their simple, modern pieces can be easily dressed up or dressed down. Today, I'm wearing them with my big chunky Free People sweater from Nordstrom Rack and a pair of Vigoss skinnies. 

Soon, Coachellove will be coming out with a Gold Collection, and I obviously can't wait for that! They teased a few of the new pieces on their Instagram and I'm straight drooling over them! 

Wearing: Coachellove Triangle Earrings | Coachellove Silver Bar Necklace | Free People Chunky Sweater (similar HERE)

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