Cabo San Luc...At Us - Celebrating 9 Years!

Michael and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary together on April 4, 2016! He surprised me at Christmas with plane tickets for a week long trip to Los Cabos! We’ve taken a big trip together just the two of us before but this was different. This was a week to celebrate us and everything we’ve accomplished together and separately over the past year and…nine years. I’m so proud to be by his side every day and to be a part of his life and journey. He is my best friend, knows me inside out, as I do him, which is crazy because he is such an incredibly private person otherwise, but with me, he’s himself completely and I love him as he is and he loves me as I am (mouthy and all). 


I say 9 years with surprise because it doesn’t feel like 9 years…sure we have our moments but honestly, every new year has felt like just that…new. We’ve grown separately as well as together, every year has brought something different than the last and exciting to our relationship. Just last year we went skydiving together and hot air ballooning…new things we shared together! This year we took Mexico on solo! We’d been twice before with our parents but this time it was our turn! It was such a great week. Neither of us thought about work or anything…besides snapchat in the free wifi zone. Of course. We went snorkeling, saw the beautiful ‘Lands End’ and the arch, we went zip lining - my first time, his second. And we went sunset sailing! We had never been before and let me tell you…it feels like the dang boat is going to flip over it tilts so far! I had had a little champagne and I was still terrified. Michael loved it, naturally. We ate dinner in the sand every night and woke up with the sun every morning. I’m so thankful he did this for us and I’m so proud his love of music has become his career and he’s able to do such a thing. 

Here are a few pics from our anniversary trip! Enjoy! xo