Red, White and Brews!

Happy belated 4th of July, America! 

The 4th brings a smile to my face just knowing it's coming. Of course, it's one of the (if not, the) most important days in our nations history, so of course we need to celebrate it! Every year growing up, my family and our family friends got together and made a big to-do about the 4th. We got together at the same house every year and played in the pool, played volley ball (when the adults let us in on a game), BBQ'd and lit off fireworks, which of course, was the best part of the whole day. The black snake fireworks were always my favorite because I could watch them burn on the ground, closer to my eye level (since I've always been so short). Though, now that I'm looking them up...they look like a really odd turd made out of a flame! But at the time they were so cool because my dad would let me light them and I could get really close and watch them burn!

July 4th is definitely one of my favorite holidays because of how fun and special it felt growing up. Being an "adult" now and having to start my own traditions, I've tried to make every year better than the last and have it involve my closest friends and the beach in one way or another!  This year, we did just that! We were missing a few of our closest friends but we were in great company, nonetheless! 

We spent our 4th playing games, I did my second keg stand of my life, listened to country music (because...'Merica!), drank some great Mexican beer (shout out to Modelo & limes!), and we finished the night off by going down to the Hermosa pier for a drink and watched the fireworks on the beach. Not going to lie, the fireworks weren't the best I've seen, but win some, you lose some...and this year was definitely one of my favorite July 4th's thus far! 

Wearing: Old Navy T-Shirt | Luna B Skirt | Nina Minardi hair | Kate Spade Studs | Old Navy American Flag Bathing Suit