The Taylor Swift Experience

A few weeks ago I took a trip to the Grammy Museum and it was AWESOME. It was so inspiring to read and learn all about the history of the Grammys and just music in general. BUT the main reason for going to the museum...Taylor Swift. There is an ENTIRE exhibit dedicated to her right now and it is epic! All of her magazine covers, music, old photos from her childhood, outfits from all of her world tours as well as costumes she wore on awards shows and in music videos...dresses from red carpet events and even a few of her every day outfits were in this exhibit. You weren't allowed to take pictures in the museum but c'mon...of course I did. AND I bought her album on vinyl 'cause...why not. 

Once again, if you know know my love for T. Swift. 'Basic' as it may seem to some (and I do not care. Love what you love and rock it. I hate the term 'basic')...I am a Swifty through and through and I rep for her hard, always, and have since I saw/met her when she opened for LeAnn Rimes in 2007 at the OC Fair. Yes, I saw a LeAnn Rimes concert...but I only went for the Taylor Swift meet-and-greet and her set, promise. 

I couldn't help but smile through the whole exhibit. She is an inspiration to so many young women and such a great role model to look up to AND she is the best to her fans.