Skydiving read that right. Me, of all people, went skydiving this weekend and it was INSANE. I am a chicken, to say the least. I was afraid of swimming with a dolphin but did and screamed every time it got near me. Flying in an airplane as well as turbulence, terrifies me. Yet these fears have really never stopped me from doing stand-up jet-skiing, parasailing, ATV-ing...traveling to Mexico and Florida and New York. I've been on almost every ride at Knotts, Disneyland and Six really I'm not a chicken but I sure as hell complain like I am one. Everyone thought I would chicken out of this and guess what...I proved them wrong! It was such a huge fear of mine...even though I always wanted to do it and wished I had the nerve enough to. My dad used to be a pilot and had 15 solo jumps under his belt back in the day...I wanted to be like dad, fearless, but I never thought in a million years I could be. But I was! I'm so excited  I overcame it and did something so incredibly insane and lived to talk about it now! Here are some of the pics from my death-defying jump! Thank you M for inspiring me to do this crazy thing and for going through with it on our 25th year of life!