Steak & Whisky

I've walked up and down Pier Avenue in Hermosa Beach plenty of times and this place has always caught my eye. From the outside it looks like some cool secret society's meeting place. Come to find out it's just an amazing steakhouse with delicious whisky cocktails and an enormous wine list. This place looks like it's come to you in 2015, straight out of the 1920's prohibition era but with a modern twist. A special occasion was coming up so I made a reservation, bit the bullet, and splurged a little on a yummy dinner I will not soon forget!

 Of course I got a drink...I decided to try their take on the whisky sour. It was so smooth with a hint of spice. The egg white frothiness is what I love about a whiskey sour and theirs had the perfect amount. For dinner I had the Jidouri Chicken Duo and I've tasted nothing like it in my life. The chicken melted in your mouth and the creamy truffle jus was to die for. The food and drinks are so yummy but it's definitely on the pricey side (four $$$$ on Yelp!)! It's a 'special occasions only ' kind of place.The hosts and the servers were great and the atmosphere was sexy.