Beach Daze

TGIF! I'm so ready for the weekend! Who's with me? Everyone? Ok, cool! 

So this weekend I am going with one of my sweet girlfriends to the OC! She is from Chi-Town and has never ventured from Los Angeles to my neck of the woods! So I'm taking her down to my home town for some fun in the sun! Here is a little outfit inspiration I've put together for our weekend at the beach! I'm going to be bringing a few of my beach essentials and a good book to read. Relaxing on the beach with a good book and munching on snacks is definitely one of my favorite things to do ever.

While out shooting for this look we found a couple VW buses so of course I had to take a pic in front of one! Also while walking around we found a few plumeria trees...and plumeria's are one of my favorite flowers. So I picked one and put it behind my ear. Plumerias remind me of one of the best vacations I went on in 8th grade to Hawaii with my family. The trees and flowers were everywhere there in April and every time I see or smell them I think of that trip.

So for this look I chose something simple. A lace maxi dress that is breezy during the hot days and comfortably cute. I also brought along my bathing suit and face lotion and regular suntan lotion for suiting my tanning needs (I'm so white! eek!). Hopefully this weekend will be filled with relaxation, swimming, yummy iced cold drinks and some much needed girl time! 

Summer Date Glam

One of the main reasons why I love summer so much...the apparel. It's finally hot enough to get away with dresses, shorts, tanks and rompers. I decided on this look because I rarely get the chance to get all dolled up for my man. Summer weddings and birthdays/holidays are really the only times I get real fancy but this day (Saturday) I decided to step outside the norm with this little number. 

I love this jumpsuit because first of's sexy and it makes me feel confidant wearing it. The color is bright and makes me happy just looking at it! Right?? It's also tight enough to look slimming and flowy enough to give just the right amount of breeze and comfort in this crazy summer heat!

Really though...this outfit could go for any occasion. A fancy brunch with girlfriends, date night or day date, a birthday dinner, if you're attending a summer wedding, or even, my favorite, spicing up a fun date night in! 

Wearing: BB Dakota Christa Jumpsuit | Summer & Sage Cuff | Jennifer Jones Collection Athena Studs | Steve Madden Couper Wedge | Amarilo Gold Bar Necklace | Makeup: Mac Pro Long Wear Foundation and Concealer | Makeup Forever Bronzing Powder | Nars Orgasm Blush | Ardell Demi Whispies | Urban Decay Naked Palette 

San Diego Comic Con 2015

Comic Con 2015, where do I begin?? It was one of the craziest experiences of my work life thus far! Just in terms of the amount of people and how much was going on in a span of 3 days was crazy, lots of work and so fun!

Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! press line with Brian! 

What started out as a Comic Book convention back in the 70's has turned into a full-blown Coachella-style Comic / Sci Fi Movie / TV convention all wrapped in to one! 

This year I was asked by toofab to be a part of their team and was able to interview celebs from different shows/movie (Orphan Black, Sleepy Hollow, American Horror StorySharknado 3: Oh Hell No!, Boy Meets World) and a big YouTuber as well! I've been a huge fan of YouTube for the passed 4 + years, so meeting iJustine (a PIONEER in the YouTube community) and Joey Graceffa (2-time Amazing Race contestant) was damn cool! 

We were there for work, of course, but I got to walk the convention center and look around at all of the amazing old comic books and the people all dressed in their home-made amazing costumes (and I interviewed them - watch here!) AND got to see the Batman and Wonder Woman costumes from the new Batman v Superman movie! THAT was the coolest part to me...because I was dressed up as Wonder Woman and got to see the brand new costume from the movie right there in front of me! Everything there was a bit foreign so I stuck to the more mainstream things that I recognized. There was SO much to look at and I was definitely in awe and probably walking around wide-eyed with my mouth open. 

One of my favorite parts of the weekend was getting to meet most of the cast and writers/exec producers of Orphan Black and chatting with them during a press mingle at the House of Blues. I know these people are actors but I really felt comfortable with them. They were so sweet and down to earth and fun in such an awkward kind of setting. Obviously we're press asking them all sorts of questions but they were so gracious and talked and talked! I got to meet Dylan Bruce and we took a selfie together! Whew! He was a smoke show! 

Another highlight of the trip was the Crave Escape party hosted by Taryn Manning. It was held on an aircraft carrier-turned-museum, the USS Midway, in the San Diego marina and we were surrounded by planes and helicopters and got to listen to bands like Cold War Kids and Bad Suns! But first, we worked! We got to interview Taryn Manning from OITNB before the party started and that was awesome. She is so tiny and so down to earth and honest. You can see that interview here and a handful of my other interviews here:

All in all San Diego Comic Con 2015 was like one big work-related Halloween, crazy, sweaty, tons of people and sometimes a bit scary! Thank you toofab for letting me join you this year in all the madness! Make sure to check out toofab's YouTube channel -- new Comic Con interviews are going up every day!

*I don't usually talk about work on here but Comic Con cannot be looked over! I'll post another blog with all of the interviews once they come out!*

Red, White and Brews!

Happy belated 4th of July, America! 

The 4th brings a smile to my face just knowing it's coming. Of course, it's one of the (if not, the) most important days in our nations history, so of course we need to celebrate it! Every year growing up, my family and our family friends got together and made a big to-do about the 4th. We got together at the same house every year and played in the pool, played volley ball (when the adults let us in on a game), BBQ'd and lit off fireworks, which of course, was the best part of the whole day. The black snake fireworks were always my favorite because I could watch them burn on the ground, closer to my eye level (since I've always been so short). Though, now that I'm looking them up...they look like a really odd turd made out of a flame! But at the time they were so cool because my dad would let me light them and I could get really close and watch them burn!

July 4th is definitely one of my favorite holidays because of how fun and special it felt growing up. Being an "adult" now and having to start my own traditions, I've tried to make every year better than the last and have it involve my closest friends and the beach in one way or another!  This year, we did just that! We were missing a few of our closest friends but we were in great company, nonetheless! 

We spent our 4th playing games, I did my second keg stand of my life, listened to country music (because...'Merica!), drank some great Mexican beer (shout out to Modelo & limes!), and we finished the night off by going down to the Hermosa pier for a drink and watched the fireworks on the beach. Not going to lie, the fireworks weren't the best I've seen, but win some, you lose some...and this year was definitely one of my favorite July 4th's thus far! 

Wearing: Old Navy T-Shirt | Luna B Skirt | Nina Minardi hair | Kate Spade Studs | Old Navy American Flag Bathing Suit

My Ride-or-Die Beauty Favorites

My ride or dies. My TOP 5 all-time favorite beauty-related products that I cannot live without. Besides my Burts Bees being #1, it was VERY hard to rank these from 2-5. The struggle was REAL. Still questioning my order...

Hair Styled with NuMe Lustrum Wand

Hair Styled with NuMe Lustrum Wand

1. Burt's Bees Peppermint Chapstick- If I am not at an arms length distance from my Burt's Bees chapstick, at all times, I may just have a melt down. Ask people I know, friends, co-workers, my family...they all know. I can't get enough of the peppermint tingling and I feel so lost without it. Not really sure how my obsession with it started, but I'm sure glad it did! Beeswax is also the best kind of chapstick you can use because it lets your lippies breathe as well as conditions the skin. Other chapsticks coat the lips so thickly that they're not actually helping your dried lips heal, at all! 

2. Beauty Blender - Wet, Squeeze and Bounce = FLAW-LESS, always. This pink sensation works wonders with foundations, concealers, powders, and any other complexion product. Honestly, the little spongeis worth every penny ($19.95). It will change your makeup routine for life. No lie. I use two of them, every single day. One for my foundation and one for my concealer. It blends the product evenly onto your skin for an air-brushed and barely there finish. I also recommend the bar soap to clean's the only thing that works the best.

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz - also a huge game-changer. If you're not one to fill in your brows, and feel you should or would like to but are nervous about them being dark and looking Cara Delevigne'y...(unless that's what you want -- you can totally achieve that with anything Anastasia as well). Anastasia products are build-able so you never have to worry about over doing it...unless that's what you're in to!

4. Chanel Chance -My favorite scent of all time. I will be wearing this scent the rest of my life. I think a family friend of my sister and I gave a bottle of it to her for one of her birthdays and we've not parted ways with her(Chance) since. The description Chanel gives it on their site just about sums her up: "It's your chance...TAKE IT! A young scent for those who dare to dream (AND I DO!). A light, subtly sensual (yes!) fragrance, filled with vitality and energy, evolves from one moment to the next, each wholly unique." Uhm...YES. Everything about that, just yes. When I am out of it I feel lost...all of the other perfumes do not compare. 

5. NuMe Lustrum 5-in-1 Wand -  I've been curling my hair for as long as I can remember. I started wrapping my hair around the barrel of a curling iron in high school because I realized that the curls hold much longer, it's a quick way to do a cute style and the curls look effortlessly put together (and you don't end up looking like Shirley Temple). When I found wands were becoming a thing I instantly got online and did some research and found the Lustrum. The Lustrum set has FIVE different, interchangeable, ceramic coated barrels so there are endless styles you can achieve with just this one wand. This bad girl is SO much better than any curling iron I've ever used and I use it now just about every day. It does take a few burns and some time to get used to using a wand curler though, so be patient! I promise, it is worth it and you get a glove that will help protect you from the wand. Eventually though, you'll get great at it and not even need the glove! 

Fashionable Moment in Abalone Cove


Seriously loving my new Free People jacket... it is the perfect 'transeasonal' piece. Because it's nylon it gives you just the right amount of warmth on these cool June-gloomy days. (When is summer again?? Sheesh!) I paired it with my favorite leggings OF ALL TIME. These 'pixi pants' from J. Crew are my end-all-be-all. They are a little pricey but if you invest in them, they will last you a good 3 years+! They're thick enough to keep you warm like jeans and as comfy as leggings! This outfit is probably one of my favorites for weekends lately...any crop top and leggings or a skirt? Can't go wrong! Links for all items are below...!

Taking advantage of the gloomy day & having an adventure in Abalone Cove...another successful weekend in the South Bay!

Exploring Old Town Temecula

After we shot my 'June Gloom Get-up', we headed out on an adventure. Our destination: Temecula. We were going to be doing a sunrise hot air balloon ride the next day (see next post) so we headed out a day early. 

Old Town Temecula is so cute and rustic. My favorite part was where we ate, The Goat & Vine. They had delicious pizzas and watermelon sangria, which I'd never had before.

After dinner we explored all of the downtown area and saw all of the little shops. We found Old Town Root Beer Company that reminded us of Lizzie's Shop from Radiator Springs (Cars reference!) and got big root beer floats for dessert! So yummy! 

See previous post for outfit details...HERE!

Steak & Whisky

I've walked up and down Pier Avenue in Hermosa Beach plenty of times and this place has always caught my eye. From the outside it looks like some cool secret society's meeting place. Come to find out it's just an amazing steakhouse with delicious whisky cocktails and an enormous wine list. This place looks like it's come to you in 2015, straight out of the 1920's prohibition era but with a modern twist. A special occasion was coming up so I made a reservation, bit the bullet, and splurged a little on a yummy dinner I will not soon forget!

 Of course I got a drink...I decided to try their take on the whisky sour. It was so smooth with a hint of spice. The egg white frothiness is what I love about a whiskey sour and theirs had the perfect amount. For dinner I had the Jidouri Chicken Duo and I've tasted nothing like it in my life. The chicken melted in your mouth and the creamy truffle jus was to die for. The food and drinks are so yummy but it's definitely on the pricey side (four $$$$ on Yelp!)! It's a 'special occasions only ' kind of place.The hosts and the servers were great and the atmosphere was sexy. 

The Taylor Swift Experience

A few weeks ago I took a trip to the Grammy Museum and it was AWESOME. It was so inspiring to read and learn all about the history of the Grammys and just music in general. BUT the main reason for going to the museum...Taylor Swift. There is an ENTIRE exhibit dedicated to her right now and it is epic! All of her magazine covers, music, old photos from her childhood, outfits from all of her world tours as well as costumes she wore on awards shows and in music videos...dresses from red carpet events and even a few of her every day outfits were in this exhibit. You weren't allowed to take pictures in the museum but c'mon...of course I did. AND I bought her album on vinyl 'cause...why not. 

Once again, if you know know my love for T. Swift. 'Basic' as it may seem to some (and I do not care. Love what you love and rock it. I hate the term 'basic')...I am a Swifty through and through and I rep for her hard, always, and have since I saw/met her when she opened for LeAnn Rimes in 2007 at the OC Fair. Yes, I saw a LeAnn Rimes concert...but I only went for the Taylor Swift meet-and-greet and her set, promise. 

I couldn't help but smile through the whole exhibit. She is an inspiration to so many young women and such a great role model to look up to AND she is the best to her fans. 


Skydiving read that right. Me, of all people, went skydiving this weekend and it was INSANE. I am a chicken, to say the least. I was afraid of swimming with a dolphin but did and screamed every time it got near me. Flying in an airplane as well as turbulence, terrifies me. Yet these fears have really never stopped me from doing stand-up jet-skiing, parasailing, ATV-ing...traveling to Mexico and Florida and New York. I've been on almost every ride at Knotts, Disneyland and Six really I'm not a chicken but I sure as hell complain like I am one. Everyone thought I would chicken out of this and guess what...I proved them wrong! It was such a huge fear of mine...even though I always wanted to do it and wished I had the nerve enough to. My dad used to be a pilot and had 15 solo jumps under his belt back in the day...I wanted to be like dad, fearless, but I never thought in a million years I could be. But I was! I'm so excited  I overcame it and did something so incredibly insane and lived to talk about it now! Here are some of the pics from my death-defying jump! Thank you M for inspiring me to do this crazy thing and for going through with it on our 25th year of life!

JACLYN HILL Favorites Palette Has ARRIVED, people!

So my love of makeup and anything related has been going on for some time now. It all started in 2012 when I became addicted to YouTube makeup tutorials. I’ve watched a bunch of these “makeup gurus” on YouTube and none of them really measure up to my girl, Jaclyn Hill. I say this like I know her because giiirl makes you feel like you know her. Anyway…when I heard she was coming out with a “favorites palette” from Morphe Brushes, I HAD to have it. I needed it. I could not miss this moment. And THEN someone hacked Morphe’s site for her first launch of the product. So long story short, I missed out on the first go at the delicious new palette. Second time around though… I was prepared and nabbed up 2 palettes! The day they arrived felt like Christmas morning.


Here are swatches from my palette:

*Click each photo to see the name

These photos I took definitely do not do the product justice but... Hello, I LOVE YOU. My new GO-TO palette for everything and anything! For the price of this palette and the amazing product and pigment you get…you could not ask for better! The pigment pay-off is TO DIE FOR. Makeup geeking-out here...! 

ES20 and ES76 are my two favorite colors right now. I love champagne colors and shimmery browns so these two fit beautifully together. They’re perfect for summer. ES20 almost looks like a bit deeper of a MAC’s Satin Taupe. I can't wait to explore what I can do with all of these gorgeous colors, especially the brightest shades!

My only complaint on these bad girls is that they do tend to get a bit dusty and there can be some major fall-out onto your face but if you tap your brush before applying you’ll be set!

Get the Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette HERE!